Softwashing for Sensitive-Type Homes

Because pressure washing is such a commonly used cleaning method, a lot of contractors will assume that they can pressure wash almost anything. However, if this was the case, there would be a lot more insurance claims and unhappy homeowners than we have today. We have customers both relieved and intrigued Sunny Pressure Washing’s practices when they hear that we will not be using pressure to clean the exterior of their sensitive-type homes such as stucco, EIFS and vinyl.

Rather than using pressure to knock debris from the surface, our housewashing services include a relatively new method of cleaning called “Softwashing.” What softwashing means is that, while we will still be using pressure washers, we will have enlarged orifices at the end of our lances causing there to be a dramatic drop in pressure coming out (about 1/50th that of a normal pressure washer orifice) which enables us to draw chemical solutions at the same time that we are treating the house.

These treatment solutions include a variety of detergents based on the specific cleaning needs of the surface, but most of the time, our treatment solutions will be made of up algicides, soap, and water.

Softwashing for Sensitive-Type Homes

The significance of this solution is that, by applying it to the entire home, we’re guaranteeing a cleaner home that will stay looking more beautiful for longer. Becasue we’re effectively killing the mold where it stands, we will be ensuring that each of the spores and roots of the organisms will not be left behind to grow back and hastily present you with a dirty home again. Additionally, we’re able to reach and clean what would typically be an unsafe height, all while staying planted firmly on the ground. In addition to offering a more thorough cleaning service than the general contractor who doesn’t specialize in pressure washing, our methods will ensure that both your home and the property inside it will remain undamaged and dry. With even just a moderately dated home, window seals can be inferior enough that water from a pressure washing machine will blow through the seals and allow moisture to intrude the home. Nobody ever wants to have more problems than they started with after hiring a contractor, and Sunny Pressure Washing helps to prevent this nightmare!

Sunny Pressure Washing’s safe, proven, and effective softwash cleaning methods will leave you feeling better and your home looking great! Give us the opportunity to come out and show you firsthand how effective our softwashing methods are by scheduling a free quote online.

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