While Houston is an incredibly amazing city to live in and enjoy, there are some disadvantages to the climate that we, as select Houstonians, get to experience. If you are reading this, then you are probably already familiar with the black streaking that occurs on many roofs in the Houston Area. This phenomenon is called Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-based bacterium that grows across your roof from spores that can travel a number of ways from roof to roof. This bacterium grows and thrives at a rapid rate because of our climate and causes a number of problems for homeowners like yourself.

While many shingles being manufactured nowadays have a manufacturer’s warranty of about 20 years, we are seeing an average replacement time of only 12 years. That’s nearly half the lifespan that was meant to be! This need for more rapid replacement is largely due to the fact that the roof is not being properly maintained and cleaned. And, while a new roof may be covered by your insurance provider, claims have been recently getting declined in higher numbers because homeowners are failing to keep their roofs properly maintained with regular cleanings.

There is a lot to be said about the aesthetic value from having your roof cleaned. You want your home to look its best. But in addition to beauty, there is a lot that can be said about the financial aspect of roof cleaning, as well. The money that can be saved by sticking to a regular 5-year roof cleaning plan is a crucial aspect to consider.

How We Clean Roofsroof-cleaning

Our trained technicians take special care in our roof cleaning process to ensure that every feature of your home, as well as each of our team members, is taken care of and never in jeopardy of being harmed or damaged during the cleaning process.

We will begin the roof cleaning process by wrapping all plants in a plastic wrap or tarping to make sure that whatever solutions fall from the roof will never be able to harm them. Additionally, we will coat and saturate, or “flood”, the entire area with water. This helps to dilute any cleaning solutions that might land on the area. While we do our best to prevent as much overspray as possible, sometimes it is inevitable and unavoidable. Because of our pre-saturation and tarping process, any overspray that does land on the ground will roll off the tarps and immediately become watered down to a level where it is impossible to cause any harm to the surrounding plants.

Additionally, while we have a technician applying the cleaning agents, we will have another one on the ground continuously watering all of the plants to take a further step of harm-reduction. This two-man team allows us to keep thorough communication and be in two places at once, preserving both your roof overhead and your landscaping below.

Our cleaning detergent application stands out among others because we are not using old cleaning detergents from a previous job. We take special care to mix and blend the proprietary cleaning agents to a certain strength that is specific for each job. This ensures that we are not only wasting unnecessary chemicals and costing ourselves more money (allowing us to give you a better price), but it means that we are able to get you the highest level of clean that is possible.

The application of our detergents is done from a 12-volt dedicated pump system. We retrieve the solutions from a mixing batch that we bring with us, then run the treatment through a low-pressure pump. This takes the solution up to your roof in order to place the chemicals in any specific place that we, or you, desire. The pump we use delivers these solutions at a pressure level that is safe for your roof and will never run you the risk of having a leak, losing shingle granules, or having damage done to the roof’s structure. We run these pumps at 60psi. For laymen who might not be familiar with psi ratings, this equates to being about half the pressure of rain, or identical to what you might have coming from a sprinkler system.


These solutions rest on top of the roof and soak into the surface, effectively killing the mold right at the base of the spore. We apply a coat to the entire roof, then allow this coat to sit for about 20-30 minutes before going around and spot-treating any areas that we might’ve missed on the initial application.

Once we have applied and reapplied/double-checked the roof cleaning, we will descend from the roof and do a low-pressure/high-volume rinsing of the entire roof from the ground. This gives us the opportunity to check our work again, as well as make sure that all of the mold spores are both killed and removed from the roof. Also, it reactivates our solution and gives it a second chance to really deep clean your roof. This latter aspect will ensure that your roof stays cleaner for a long period of time, leaving both the homeowner and ourselves happier.

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