Get Rid of Unwanted Graffiti With Sunny Pressure Washing

How do you feel when you see graffiti on your home or business? For most people, it’s an unwelcome sight that makes them feel like their property isn’t being taken care of and puts them at risk of losing customers or clients in the long run.

Don’t let graffiti mar your property or ruin your reputation as a business owner. Sunny Pressure Washing is here with the solution to get rid of unwanted graffiti.

Get Rid of Unwanted Graffiti With Sunny Pressure Washing

What Is Graffiti?

Graffiti is a type of vandalism that can take many forms. It can be a simple tag, a symbol, or a more complex piece of art done with spray paint, markers, or even Sharpies. Whatever the case, it’s important to know that graffiti is illegal in most places and can be punishable by law.

Some types of graffiti include gang tags, throw-ups, pieces, and murals. Throw-ups are usually composed of only one color and written in block letters; pieces are designed for longer periods on specific locations such as trains or sidewalks, while murals are large-scale paintings on walls, buildings, etc., typically made for beautification purposes.

It is common to see all three types of graffiti during an episode of Hoarders.

What Is Graffiti Removal?

Graffiti removal is the process of removing unwanted paint or markings from a surface. It is often done to improve a property’s appearance or remove offensive or gang-related graffiti. There are many methods for cleaning graffiti, but some of the more common ones include power washing, scraping, repainting, sandblasting, and chemical treatments.

The best method for removing graffiti depends on factors such as the type of material being cleaned, its location, and what you are trying to accomplish.

How Do We Get Rid of It?

At Sunny Pressure Washing, we have the experience and necessary equipment to remove all types of graffiti. We use a high-pressure washer with an environmentally friendly detergent to break down the paint, making it easy to remove without damaging the underlying surface.

Our technicians remove graffiti from all surfaces, including brick, concrete, stucco, wood, and even glass. We can also remove spray paint from metal fences.

The process begins by thoroughly scrubbing the area in question with a special cleaning solution that will help loosen any grease or oil residue so that it can be washed away easily. Once this is done, our technicians will hose down the area again before washing it off using a pressure washer fitted with an appropriate nozzle for your specific surface type. Finally, they’ll rinse the entire area with fresh water to ensure no detergent remains on the surface.

We also offer a graffiti protection service to help prevent future vandalism. The procedure involves applying a specialized coating on top of your existing finish to create a hard, protective layer that is nearly impossible for vandals to scratch or vandalize.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices for graffiti removal can vary depending on various factors, such as the size and location of the graffiti and the type of paint or ink used.

At Sunny Pressure Washing, we offer a number of affordable packages that cover up to 2,000 square feet of surface area. In addition, we work with several different types of paint and inks, so there is no need to worry about whether we will be able to remove the graffiti from your property. Simply visit our website to get a free quote.

Final Thoughts

Graffiti removal is essential in today’s society to maintain a clean environment and the value of a home or building. Hiring a professional is the best way to get rid of unwanted graffiti.

Sunny Pressure Washing provides professional and quality services for all types of unwanted graffiti in Houston, TX. Contact us today for more information about our services!


3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Cleaned This Season

Roofs are built to withstand the elements. Your shingles can repel water and withstand high summer temperatures. The flashing around the chimney and vents is also designed to keep your attic dry and your home safe from water damage or pests. But sometimes it needs a little help. Here are three reasons why a professional roof cleaning can help your roof continue to protect your home.

3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Cleaned This Season

1. Remove buildup that can interfere with the tar seal.

The bottom of your shingles, especially if your house has three-tab shingles, have a strip of tar-like material. When your roof is hot, like during the day or the summer, that seal partially melts into a strong adhesive layer that resecures its grip on the roof. It stops shingles from flying up in high winds. But if debris is working its way between the layers of shingles, the tar might adhere to that layer instead of the top of the next shingle. Professional roof cleaners wash away layers of sediment and organic buildup before it can weaken the seal.

2. Get debris and leaves free from sharp edges and angles.

Your roof’s slant is designed to make sure things don’t sit on the roof long-term. Primarily, it’s focused on making sure water can slide down freely without working its way inside. But the angle also helps to stop leaves, sticks, and even trash that got caught in the wind from staying on top of your house. However, vent flashing, your chimney, and even points between two different pitches can catch debris before it falls to the ground. A regular roof washing can knock it down, and the technicians can recommend steps to solve the problem.

3. Know about problems before they get larger.

Roof damage can be hard to spot, especially when it’s just starting to develop. But you don’t want to wait for water damage to get started on repairs. Professional roof cleaners will let you know if they see holes, signs of damage or infestations, or even corroded panels on metal roofs. Go to Sunny Pressure Washing to schedule an appointment and keep your roof protected.


The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

When it comes to home maintenance, gutter cleaning is usually overlooked. Most homeowners tend to forget about gutter cleaning until it’s too late, but your gutters can turn your dream home into a nightmare.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gutters

What is the purpose of a gutter?

Gutters channels rain or melted snow away from your home and your home’s foundation. Gutters can be made of a variety of materials such as vinyl, copper, and aluminum.

Why it important to get your gutter cleaned regularly?

Gutters collect a lot of debris, such as leaves. If they become too clogged it can cause water to back up and possibly cost you thousands of dollars in roof damage. Not to mention, dirty gutters can make an attractive home for rodents to nest in.

How often should you clean your gutters?

Gutter cleaning will depend on where you live. More arid climates may result in gutters that don’t need to be cleaned that often. However, if you have a lot of trees around your home you could be looking at cleaning your gutters every four to six months. Remember, cleaning your gutters now means possibly saving thousands later.

Gutter covers can help deter debris from getting into your gutter system and allow you to conduct gutter cleaning once a year versus several times a year. Even with gutter covers, it’s still a good idea to get a look at your gutters every four to six months, to ensure that leaves aren’t getting in.

Can I clean my own gutters?

Of course, gutter cleaning is something a homeowner can do, however, it can be a dangerous job. Be sure to check your ladder and make sure it is sturdy. When placing your ladder make sure the ground isn’t soft, causing your ladder to slide. Also be aware of putting your ladder against the gutter and causing damage to it.

Rather than the risk of falling, many homeowners opt to have an expert do the gutter cleaning. During a routine gutter cleaning a professional will check the roof, downspout, and gutter. They will remove any debris they find. They will also check for any loose gutter spike and make sure the gutter parts aren’t compromised.

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining a beautiful and safe home. Don’t wait for one leaf too many to fall, contact Sunny Pressure Washing to get your gutters checked.


Removing Graffiti Without Ruining the Brick

As they say, kids will be kids. If you own a brick and mortar business, especially one with alleyways or any side out of the public eye, you are likely to experience kids being kids in the form of wall graffiti. These “artists” likely don’t give any second thought to how the state of your building reflects on your business and they probably don’t know how difficult it is to remove spray paint from beautiful brick.

Removing Graffiti Without Ruining the Brick

However, leave punishing graffiti artists to law enforcement; you need to focus on cleaning up your building. Unfortunately, while there are tons of graffiti removal products out there, the actual process is more difficult than the labels on those removal products make it seem. Often after putting the product on and hours of scrubbing, you are still left with a graffiti shadow that is still very visible to the eye. Even small areas of graffiti take multiple applications of chemical and scrubbing to fully remove, and for large areas of graffiti, you may never win that war.

Furthermore, as with anything that takes vigorous scrubbing, you run the risk of damaging that beautiful brick that makes up the exterior of your business. However, there is a better way than the old scrub brush – pressure washing. While it is true that if pressure washing is done wrong, it can still damage the brick, but if you choose to hire a professional pressure washing company, not only is your brick safe in their trained hands, but you get to reap the stunning results.

When done correctly and by professionals, graffiti can be gone completely within a matter of hours. When a pressure washing professional takes care of graffiti, they do so with several applications of graffiti remover and basically replaces scrubbing with the power of pressure washer. When done with the correct products and the correct nozzle, it takes what could be a multi-day graffiti removal and compacts it down into just a few hours.

Do you have a graffiti problem on your beautiful building in Houston? Pressure washing is not just for removing graffiti on brick, but all surfaces can benefit from it. If you need your graffiti removed and your building back to looking professional, then contact us today.


3 Reasons to Hire a Power Washing Company

Does your home’s siding seem dirty? Does your driveway look dull? Power washing is a great way to restore the beauty of your home. Power washing will wash away mold, mildew, and debris, leave your home’s exterior looking like new.

You may be tempted to power wash your house yourself. But is that really the best option for you? Here are three reasons why hiring a power washing company is the better choice.

3 Reasons to Hire a Power Washing Company

  • You will save time. Power washing your home yourself will cost you a lot of time and trouble. A power wash company can handle the job in a fraction of the time that it would take you to do the work on your own. Leave power washing to the pros and spend that time with your friends and family.
  • The professionals have access to the best equipment. When it comes to power washing, the right equipment makes all the difference. Not all consumer pressure washers are able to deliver the amount of pressure required for all jobs. A professional power wash company will have access to state-of-the-art tools to handle any task. You will get much better results than you would by power washing your home yourself.
  • You will reduce the risk of damage. Power washers can cause damage to your exterior if they are not used correctly. Excessive pressure can damage the surfaces of your deck or siding. Different surfaces require different cleaning chemicals and different levels of pressure. The professionals have the knowledge and experience to do the job the right way. They know the best methods to power wash each different surface without causing damage. If you don’t have any experience using a pressure washer, don’t take the risk. Call a power washing company to handle it for you.

To learn more about power washing your home or to schedule service, please contact us today.


Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers

As home prices rise, more people are choosing to delay the purchase of a home and continue renting. The good news for property managers is an expected increase in the number of people in search of rentals, but managers must also be concerned with retaining current tenants.

Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers

Qualified renters examine every aspect of a property when deciding where to live, from landscaping and outside building maintenance to common interior areas. A pressure washing service helps property managers and owners ensure that every detail appears inviting and attractive.

Entryways, walkways, and other areas that receive heavy foot traffic can get covered in dirt and grime which builds up over time. The exposure to harsh environmental conditions can leave building exteriors looking dull and dreary.

Professional pressure washing services utilize state of the art equipment and cleaning solutions assuring the removal of even the filthiest stains. A regular cleaning schedule will reduce vacancies by ensuring the property remains clean, attractive, and inviting to tenants and prospective tenants, increasing the value of the property.

Exterior pressure washing provides more than visual appeal. Keeping structures clean allows for thorough visual inspections which can identify structural issues before they become a severe problem. Pressure washing removes mold and algae which can be a health concern and when combined with moisture can make walkways slick and dangerous.

Regular pressure washing is a necessary part of any scheduled maintenance program and reduces maintenance costs by eliminating or exposing potentially costly problems. State of the art low-pressure “soft-washing” cleaning techniques eliminate the risk of exterior damage caused by high-pressure machines or unskilled operators. Parking lots, dumpster pads, entryways, and walkways maintain a fresh “like new” appearance providing curb appeal.

Pressure washing gives property owners and managers several measurable benefits and is a cost-effective way to attract and retain tenants. A professional pressure washing company has the experience and expertise needed to enhance any property.

To learn more about this or anything else contact us today.


Reasons to Soft Wash Your Roof

When we think of pressure washing, we typically think of cleaning our driveways or washing the vinyl siding of our homes. However, it is also important for your roof to get a thorough cleaning once every 5 years to prolong it’s efficiency and structure. Having your roof soft washed will keep it clean, save you some money (that’s right), and maintain its longevity.

Reasons to Soft Wash Your Roof

Helps to Maintain Longevity

Proper upkeep of your roof means the possibility of your roof lasting you an additional few years. When your roof is clean, it is much easier to identify potential work or minor repairs that might need attention, before it’s too late. If it is too late and damage occurs to your roof, you will want to file a claim with your insurance. However, some insurance claims on roofs do not go through if there is evidence that a roof has not been properly maintained or kept up with. Providing receipts of a professional pressure washing service will help you in the future if you ever had to make this type of claim.

Helps to Keep Your Roof Clean (and Utility Bills Lower)

Having your roof professionally pressure washed will not only, keep it clean, but help to save you money in the long run. There is something we like to call the “Malicious M’s” and it consists of mold, moss, and mildew- which are all up on your roof. It is important to give your roof a thorough cleaning to eliminate any of that nasty fungus. This is also where the money saving aspect comes into play… a fungus covered roof will reach a hotter temperature than that of a clean roof. Many roofs (and/or shingles) are designed with materials that have reflective properties to help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Keeping those properties covered with different types of fungus may result in high utility costs, as a hotter roof equates to a hotter house, and more energy is put off to cool it down.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Do not do it yourself.

We repeat, “do not do it yourself”.

There are many reasons why it is wise to have a professional pressure wash (Soft wash) your roof, and below we have listed a few of those reasons:

  • Safety First. It is not safe to work vigorously on a roof without proper shoes, equipment, or experience.
  • Damage. Without the proper experience or knowledge, you could potentially cause damage to your roof or even leaks.
  • Experience. We do this on the daily. We have the correct equipment and exposure to ensure the job is done RIGHT.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean roof.

Sunny Pressure Washing wants to help. We offer residential and commercial services at a great price. Check out our website to see what other services we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us today for a FREE quote!


Keep Your Driveway Looking Great With Driveway Pressure Washing

Every homeowner knows that owning a home means doing maintenance to keep it both looking great and functioning as it should be. However, while you have annual tasks like cleaning out the gutters and painting any exterior wood to keep rot away, many people tend to forget about the driveway maintenance. For many homes, they have a driveway made of concrete slabs that are sturdy and likely to last a lifetime. However, while you don’t necessarily need to do much maintenance to keep a concrete driveway healthy, after a time you will notice that it is not as lovely as it once was.

The truth is that concrete is a porous material, and no matter how flat it looks, dirt and moisture gathers in those small pores. This means that you don’t have to have an accidental oil spill on your concrete driveway to have stains, they will occur naturally over time. As your driveway is exposed to the elements, it is just a fact that it will get dirty.

Keep Your Driveway Looking Great With Driveway Pressure Washing

However, there are ways to keep it looking fresh. You could spend the time out there with a scrub brush and cleaning solution, but that takes more time and effort than you actually need to put into it. Instead, you should consider contacting a pressure washing company to come out and clean it for you. By choosing the power of pressure washing, the job not only gets done better, but it gets done in a fraction of the time of scrubbing.

While you might not actually see any noticeable change from scrubbing until you are finished, you can immediately tell the difference between a section of driveway that has been pressure washed professionally and one that has not. It flushes out the dirt, mold, and bacteria that has grown in those small pores to leave each square foot of your concrete driveway looking as bright as the day it was first installed.

If your Houston driveway has seen better days, no matter if you are looking to sell your home or just want to make it look beautiful to your own eyes, contact us today. Let Sunny Pressure Washing come and clean your concrete in a professional and safe way so your driveway looks great and you don’t have to worry about damaging it.


Roof Cleaning Can Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When it comes to preserving the value of your home, one of the essential steps that you can take is to keep your exterior space clean. The roof is one of the fixtures that you should pay attention to when maintaining the outdoor space. Besides repairs, this critical structure requires regular cleaning to maintain its integrity over the years and increase the curb appeal of your home.

Roof Cleaning Can Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Why clean the roof? 

According to CNBC news, a new roof can increase the value of your property by up to $10, 500. On the other hand, a poorly maintained roof with broken fixtures can significantly affect the curb appeal and value of your home. Regular cleaning preserves the structural integrity of the shingles, flashing, roof vents, membranes, and the attic. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Prevents leaves and debris from clogging gutters and compromising their performance.
  • Improves your home’s energy efficiency. Stains and dark streaks on the roof can trap heat and increase your cooling requirements.
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew on your roof. If these grow into your attic, they can affect indoor air quality and cause respiratory conditions.
  • Saves money as you don’t have to incur premature roof repairs and replacements.

Roof cleaning techniques

Choosing the right roof cleaning technique is a critical part of the process. One of the most effective methods is pressure washing. Pressurized water is sprayed on the roof to remove dirt, grime, algae, mold, and any other debris that may be lodged on the roof. Pressure washing brightens up the roof and makes it look new.

At Sunny Pressure Washing, we utilize the low-pressure washing technique to clean your roof. Also known as soft washing, this method involves the use of cleaning agents to remove moss, algae, and other harmful things on your roof. We will carry out an assessment and recommend the best approach to restore the appearance of the roof.

Leave it to the experts

Incorrect DIY use of pressure washers can damage roof components and cause leakage. Also, any attempts to climb on the roof without the proper safety equipment can result in fatal accidents. That is why we recommend professional cleaning from the experts. Contact us today for quality roof cleaning services at competitive pricing.


Exterior Cleaners Can Serve Your Commercial Pressure Washing Needs

If you run a business out of a commercial building, you’ve likely taken steps to make your storefront more appealing to potential customers. Perhaps you’ve added landscaping to the outside of your building, or maybe you’ve installed eye-catching signage. What you may not have considered, however, is having a team of professionals come out to pressure wash your building’s exterior. Exterior cleaners can serve your commercial pressure washing needs.

Exterior Cleaners Can Serve Your Commercial Pressure Washing Needs

Improve Your Curb Appeal and Foot Traffic

Over time, dirt and debris will naturally accumulate along the exterior of your building. Unfortunately, if not cleaned off regularly, this can lead to discoloration and staining of porous materials such as brick and stone. When you have your building pressure washed, however, you can remove layers of dirt and debris build-up that may otherwise make your storefront appear drab and dingy. With this fresh new look, you might even boost your overall curb appeal and drive additional foot traffic to your business!

Remove Unsightly Graffiti and Vandalism

Unfortunately, any business can fall victim to vandalism and graffiti. If you’ve recently discovered graffiti or other unsightly vandalism on your commercial building, it’s important to remove it as soon as possible so as to protect your business’s reputation. Pressure washing is the quickest and easiest way to remove most signs of vandalism without the need for re-painting.

Keep Your Walkways Looking Fresh

Your building’s exterior isn’t the only part of your property that could benefit from professional pressure washing. Consider having your outdoor walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots pressure washed to remove scuff marks, bird droppings, and other unwanted stains to keep your storefront looking its best.

Pressure washing can go a long way in improving the look and feel of your business, so consider having it done professionally. Sunny Pressure Washing offers unrivaled commercial and residential pressure washing services at competitive pricing, so contact us today to request a free quote!

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