When it comes to window cleaning, there are a host of benefits that you and your family can enjoy. Aside from enjoying a beautifully clean and brand-new looking set of windows, you will be able to take part in a healthier environment.

Many times, we are surprised to see how dirty windows can become, even when they are on the inside of homes. A lot of people disregard the fact that dust particles and pollen float around in the air yet then land and remain the window panes and sills of the home, both on the inside and outside. With all of the germs floating around these days, it is important to make sure that we’re taking preventative steps to keep our kids from running the risk of breathing in these pollutants by having our windows cleaned regularly.

How We Clean Windows

There are a few different steps we will take in cleaning windows. First, we will start by removing all of the screens at once. This give us a chance to make sure that none of the panes are damaged and that we will not have to stop work during the middle of the project for any reason, such as a not having the right tools or access to the inside of the home for removal of certain screens.

Once we have removed all of the screens, we will then assemble our two-step filtration system. This system rolls around with us and looks like a little dolly or handcart. The system is called a water-fed pole system, and it includes pods of resin that have water running through them. This will filter the water molecules and put it through a reverse-osmosis and deionization process so that it reduces the ph level to one that eliminates the possibility of streaks or water spots being left on the window afterwards. After we have connected this, we will run the water through a brush and pole system that will allow us to get inside all of the nooks and crannies that your window panes might have. We will brush and rinse the entire pane from top to bottom and then go over them again with another round of filtered rinsing to ensure that every feature on the window is made spotless.

Following this, we will go around and take all of the screens around and place up against a hard surface, where they will be stably positioned. Then we will use a pressure washer to run a soap onto the screens through a process called “down streaming.” This will allow us to get a more effective clean than if we were just wiping them down by hand. After the soaping process, we will use a low-pressure fan-patterned orifice to spray down the pollen and cobwebs that might be again the face of the screens. After that, we will make sure that all of the screens are thoroughly rinsed and then wipe the edges down by hand with a microfiber towel. We will go over the screens with another microfiber towel to make sure that they’ve all been dried and thoroughly cleaned. Once this is completed, we will go back over the entire home and place the screens back into the window frames.


For cleaning the inside of the windows, the first thing that we will do is place our sanitary and clean booties over our footwear. After that, we will enter the home and use another set of microfiber towels and streak-free spray to go over each window and wipe down both the sills and the panes. Additionally, we will make sure that each of the windows has been opened and the inside tracks have been cleaned out. Then we will close the windows back down and make sure that each one is locked and secure for when we leave the home.