Softwashing for Sensitive-Type Homes

Because pressure washing is such a commonly used cleaning method, a lot of contractors will assume that they can pressure wash almost anything. However, if this was the case, there would be a lot more insurance claims and unhappy homeowners than we have today. We have customers both relieved and intrigued Sunny Pressure Washing’s practices when they hear that we will not be using pressure to clean the exterior of their sensitive-type homes such as stucco, EIFS and vinyl.

Rather than using pressure to knock debris from the surface, our housewashing services include a relatively new method of cleaning called “Softwashing.” What softwashing means is that, while we will still be using pressure washers, we will have enlarged orifices at the end of our lances causing there to be a dramatic drop in pressure coming out (about 1/50th that of a normal pressure washer orifice) which enables us to draw chemical solutions at the same time that we are treating the house.

These treatment solutions include a variety of detergents based on the specific cleaning needs of the surface, but most of the time, our treatment solutions will be made of up algicides, soap, and water.

Softwashing for Sensitive-Type Homes

The significance of this solution is that, by applying it to the entire home, we’re guaranteeing a cleaner home that will stay looking more beautiful for longer. Becasue we’re effectively killing the mold where it stands, we will be ensuring that each of the spores and roots of the organisms will not be left behind to grow back and hastily present you with a dirty home again. Additionally, we’re able to reach and clean what would typically be an unsafe height, all while staying planted firmly on the ground. In addition to offering a more thorough cleaning service than the general contractor who doesn’t specialize in pressure washing, our methods will ensure that both your home and the property inside it will remain undamaged and dry. With even just a moderately dated home, window seals can be inferior enough that water from a pressure washing machine will blow through the seals and allow moisture to intrude the home. Nobody ever wants to have more problems than they started with after hiring a contractor, and Sunny Pressure Washing helps to prevent this nightmare!

Sunny Pressure Washing’s safe, proven, and effective softwash cleaning methods will leave you feeling better and your home looking great! Give us the opportunity to come out and show you firsthand how effective our softwashing methods are by scheduling a free demonstration and quote over the phone: (832) 622-2924 or by visiting us online at:


Driveway Pressure Washing is Good for Safety and Liability

Insurance carriers for homes and businesses are paying much closer attention to the surrounding areas of an insured property. This includes the general condition and upkeep of driveways and adjacent walkways. Policyholders of a home or commercial building are expected to keep pedestrian paths and parking areas clear in order to avoid a potential slip, trip, or fall hazard. The professionals at Sunny Pressure Washing are always available to schedule a driveway pressure washing for customers in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Driveway Pressure Washing is Good for Safety and Liability

Liability Risk

Slips, trips, or falls are a major liability exposure for homeowners and building operators. If a person is on someone else’s property and trips on a loose piece of gravel or dirt packed mound, than the owner could be held responsible for all medical expense and settlement payments. Proper washing and cleaning practices of driveways and sidewalks will greatly diminish the risk of a person falling and getting injured. The proactive effort of policyholders to keep their walkways clean and clear of obstructions are also well noted in an insurance underwriter’s file and can help prove a homeowner or business owner’s commitment to safety and property upkeep.

Pressure Washing

Sunny Pressure Washing has the equipment and personnel to offer complete satisfaction when it comes to cleaning driveways and sidewalks. The professionals at Sunny Pressure Washing use a three-step cleaning process to clear away dirt and grime. Their 12-volt “soft wash” system will make sure to keep a property looking good and also free of unwanted dirt accumulation and debris. Chemical cleaning agents are used and they will leave no residue behind.

Sunny Pressure Washing also understands that cleaning jobs should be done efficiently, as to not block a driveway for too long or take up too much of a customer’s precious time. The equipment used during the pressure washing process works swiftly and provides great results. Roofs and gutters, in addition to driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks can also be pressured washed by Sunny Pressure Washing. Call today to learn more!


3 Tips to Find the Best Power Washing Contractor in Houston

Home maintenance is key to ensuring your home’s value is preserved. Whether it’s having the house pressure washed, gutters cleaned, or the driveway power washed, the exterior of your home is just as relevant as the interior. Developing a regular schedule of home maintenance tasks will help you keep on task. As we approach spring, it’s a good time to begin the process of securing a power washing contractor you can count on to remove the grime accumulated on your home over the year. With that in mind, here are 3 important characteristics you will want from your power washing contractor.

3 Tips to Find the Best Power Washing Contractor in Houston

Attention to Detail

When looking for the best power washing contractor, you want to find a company that pays close attention to details. Since the Houston area is prone to high humidity, which encourages algae and mold growth, you want a contractor who removes all such growths. If a contractor does not pay attention to the little details, some may be overlooked that will sprout new growth in the near future.

Use of Special Equipment

When it comes to your most valued investment – your home, you don’t want to take a chance on cheap or faulty equipment. Furthermore, you don’t want a contractor who uses harsh or an overly powerful method to clean your house’s exterior or roof. Such methods could end up doing more damage than good. For this reason, it’s important to find a power washing contractor who uses low-pressure soft-washing methods to clean your home.


Using a contractor that brings professionalism and integrity to the job gives you peace of mind. You won’t need to worry about a poor experience with someone who is honest. Contractors who take pride in their work show up on time and give their best work for every customer. They are willing to go beyond what’s required to satisfy the customer.

Discover these characteristics of a power washing contractor and more when you contact Sunny Pressure Washing. We strive to deliver you the best experience in power washing in the Houston area.


Is Your Building Dirty? Give It A Bath!

Sunny Pressure Washing utilizes the most innovative cleaning methods of “soft washing” to make sure that we will NEVER damage your property. While you might expect only the best customer service and cleaning results, Sunny Pressure Washing delivers peace of mind and value to you as well.

Is Your Building Dirty? Give It A Bath! Commercial Pressure Washing, Houston TX

Sometimes you can’t just dunk your property into the bathtub to clean it up, but what you CAN do, is give your favorite exterior cleaning professionals at Sunny Pressure Washing, LLC a call to have it looking brand new in no time!

We love explaining to our property owners and managers exactly how we perform our building washing services. While our process includes a simple blend of detergents and cleaning solutions, it’s the application that really gets things going. By being able to reach 30’-40’ peaks from the ground, we allow the treatment solutions to spray and rest on top of the affected surface with low pressure that prevents damage to surfaces such as EIFS and stucco.

Give our team of highly trained technicians a call today to schedule your free demonstration to see EXACTLY how clean we can get your property!


Does Your Roof Need Cleaning This Year?

Have you ever noticed those ugly dark streaks coming down your roof? Well these streaks are caused by mold spores called gloescapsa magma that have landed on and spread throughout the surface of your roof. The spreading occurs gradually, but within the span of a few years, the entire roof will be covered in these streaks and can detract from the beauty of your entire home! Not getting your moldy roof cleaned can shorten the lifespan of roofing systems and lead to being denied future roof replacement claims due to neglect.

Does Your Roof Need Cleaning This Year?

While Sunny Pressure Washing, LLC leads Houston power washing contractors in customer service and professionalism, we also spearhead Houston’s pressure washing industry in implementing low-pressure, no-damage cleaning methods. Our technicians recognize that while all things need to be cleaned, pressure washers are not always the answer. So we’ve taken this truth and began utilizing minimal pressure soap applications that work to gently lay atop a surface and, with the help of surfactants, grip the affected area to allow the cleaning agents time to work into the mold/algae so that it’s completely killed during our visit. This process is known as “soft-washing” and has sincerely revolutionized how exterior cleaning is carried out

Give us a call today and learn more about our low-pressure “soft-washing” methods, and as always, we offer absolutely FREE DEMONSTRATIONS for anybody interested in seeing the difference that Sunny Pressure Washing can make on their property today!

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