3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Cleaned This Season

Roofs are built to withstand the elements. Your shingles can repel water and withstand high summer temperatures. The flashing around the chimney and vents is also designed to keep your attic dry and your home safe from water damage or pests. But sometimes it needs a little help. Here are three reasons why a professional roof cleaning can help your roof continue to protect your home.

3 Reasons to Get Your Roof Cleaned This Season

1. Remove buildup that can interfere with the tar seal.

The bottom of your shingles, especially if your house has three-tab shingles, have a strip of tar-like material. When your roof is hot, like during the day or the summer, that seal partially melts into a strong adhesive layer that resecures its grip on the roof. It stops shingles from flying up in high winds. But if debris is working its way between the layers of shingles, the tar might adhere to that layer instead of the top of the next shingle. Professional roof cleaners wash away layers of sediment and organic buildup before it can weaken the seal.

2. Get debris and leaves free from sharp edges and angles.

Your roof’s slant is designed to make sure things don’t sit on the roof long-term. Primarily, it’s focused on making sure water can slide down freely without working its way inside. But the angle also helps to stop leaves, sticks, and even trash that got caught in the wind from staying on top of your house. However, vent flashing, your chimney, and even points between two different pitches can catch debris before it falls to the ground. A regular roof washing can knock it down, and the technicians can recommend steps to solve the problem.

3. Know about problems before they get larger.

Roof damage can be hard to spot, especially when it’s just starting to develop. But you don’t want to wait for water damage to get started on repairs. Professional roof cleaners will let you know if they see holes, signs of damage or infestations, or even corroded panels on metal roofs. Go to Sunny Pressure Washing to schedule an appointment and keep your roof protected.

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