Removing Graffiti Without Ruining the Brick

As they say, kids will be kids. If you own a brick and mortar business, especially one with alleyways or any side out of the public eye, you are likely to experience kids being kids in the form of wall graffiti. These “artists” likely don’t give any second thought to how the state of your building reflects on your business and they probably don’t know how difficult it is to remove spray paint from beautiful brick.

Removing Graffiti Without Ruining the Brick

However, leave punishing graffiti artists to law enforcement; you need to focus on cleaning up your building. Unfortunately, while there are tons of graffiti removal products out there, the actual process is more difficult than the labels on those removal products make it seem. Often after putting the product on and hours of scrubbing, you are still left with a graffiti shadow that is still very visible to the eye. Even small areas of graffiti take multiple applications of chemical and scrubbing to fully remove, and for large areas of graffiti, you may never win that war.

Furthermore, as with anything that takes vigorous scrubbing, you run the risk of damaging that beautiful brick that makes up the exterior of your business. However, there is a better way than the old scrub brush – pressure washing. While it is true that if pressure washing is done wrong, it can still damage the brick, but if you choose to hire a professional pressure washing company, not only is your brick safe in their trained hands, but you get to reap the stunning results.

When done correctly and by professionals, graffiti can be gone completely within a matter of hours. When a pressure washing professional takes care of graffiti, they do so with several applications of graffiti remover and basically replaces scrubbing with the power of pressure washer. When done with the correct products and the correct nozzle, it takes what could be a multi-day graffiti removal and compacts it down into just a few hours.

Do you have a graffiti problem on your beautiful building in Houston? Pressure washing is not just for removing graffiti on brick, but all surfaces can benefit from it. If you need your graffiti removed and your building back to looking professional, then contact us today.

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