Reasons to Soft Wash Your Roof

When we think of pressure washing, we typically think of cleaning our driveways or washing the vinyl siding of our homes. However, it is also important for your roof to get a thorough cleaning once every 5 years to prolong it’s efficiency and structure. Having your roof soft washed will keep it clean, save you some money (that’s right), and maintain its longevity.

Reasons to Soft Wash Your Roof

Helps to Maintain Longevity

Proper upkeep of your roof means the possibility of your roof lasting you an additional few years. When your roof is clean, it is much easier to identify potential work or minor repairs that might need attention, before it’s too late. If it is too late and damage occurs to your roof, you will want to file a claim with your insurance. However, some insurance claims on roofs do not go through if there is evidence that a roof has not been properly maintained or kept up with. Providing receipts of a professional pressure washing service will help you in the future if you ever had to make this type of claim.

Helps to Keep Your Roof Clean (and Utility Bills Lower)

Having your roof professionally pressure washed will not only, keep it clean, but help to save you money in the long run. There is something we like to call the “Malicious M’s” and it consists of mold, moss, and mildew- which are all up on your roof. It is important to give your roof a thorough cleaning to eliminate any of that nasty fungus. This is also where the money saving aspect comes into play… a fungus covered roof will reach a hotter temperature than that of a clean roof. Many roofs (and/or shingles) are designed with materials that have reflective properties to help increase the energy efficiency of your home. Keeping those properties covered with different types of fungus may result in high utility costs, as a hotter roof equates to a hotter house, and more energy is put off to cool it down.

Why Not Do It Yourself?

Do not do it yourself.

We repeat, “do not do it yourself”.

There are many reasons why it is wise to have a professional pressure wash (Soft wash) your roof, and below we have listed a few of those reasons:

  • Safety First. It is not safe to work vigorously on a roof without proper shoes, equipment, or experience.
  • Damage. Without the proper experience or knowledge, you could potentially cause damage to your roof or even leaks.
  • Experience. We do this on the daily. We have the correct equipment and exposure to ensure the job is done RIGHT.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean roof.

Sunny Pressure Washing wants to help. We offer residential and commercial services at a great price. Check out our website to see what other services we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us today for a FREE quote!

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