Is Soft Washing the Right Option for Your Home?

When people consider hiring someone to clean their home through pressure washing, they worry about what a high pressure water stream will do to the exterior of their home. Will it increase wear to the paint or even damage surfaces like brick or stucco? These are legitimate worries, and if you chose to rent a pressure washer and do it yourself, they can be very real concerns. However, a pressure washing clean doesn’t always mean high pressure needs to be used. Many professional companies often use a technique called soft washing to clean a home in order to not risk damaging it.

Is Soft Washing the Right Option for Your Home?

Soft washing is a process that, instead of using high pressure, keeps the water pressure low. Instead of using water pressure to remove dirt and contaminants from a home, professionals will use a light bleach and foaming mixture to spray on your home. This mixture is safe for the environment and landscaping, using only just slightly more bleach than what is used to purify drinking water from city lines.

In soft washing, the bleach helps dissolve and remove dirt, mold, and algae that can appear on your home. It can also be used to give your roof a solid cleaning as well. One of the biggest benefits of soft washing is that the lower water pressure can reach higher. With standard pressure washing, the technician has to be relatively close to be effective at cleaning with just water alone. This means they may need a ladder or even scaffolding for higher buildings. However, because soft washing doesn’t rely on pressure, even a roof can be washed from ground level.

If you are interested in soft washing as an option to clean your home, contact us today. Sunny Pressure Washing is dedicated to making every surface on the exterior of your home or business look beautiful.

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